Merkenaries (or Mercenaries) is a mod where the elite of game monut&Blade WArband competes in tuff battles in gamemodes battle und siege.

Merkeanirs is developed by player Homer who activly works on mod.


Merkenaris features is persistent characters items. You will not be able to level up the characters, everyone has same amount of skillpoints to use. Mod features perks und lots of items liek heavy plate and ninja mask and 2h swords and krozbóws. Also handgonne and other rare items onyl admin get.

Merkenaries servers are run by Homer and another contributor who hasn't not been seen in a time but to knowledge still contributes. Server has active administratum staff and good systems to grife peopol.


Merkenaris has been development for a couple of years and has active playerbase of size 50-100 players playing daily.

Merks formum::

Ich habe Orangesaft in meinem Auge :I